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The sport of Paintball should not have to prove itself to the Tasmanian Government any more. The safety statistics have been provided, the proof of their futility in relation to every other firearm under the act has been proven and the Tasmanian community has voiced its support.

Paintball in Tasmania has the potential for a very positive economic boost within the Tasmanian community and the tourism industry.

Paintball is an active and intense sport promoting fitness, team work, communication and enjoyment for all types of people.

Paintball in Tasmanian will bring with it the opportunity for a complete national competition as well as state and club level competitions.

To make this a success we need the support of the Tasmanian community and other communities around Australia involved in Paintball.

It is time for the sport of Paintball to be reintroduced into Tasmania. Tasmanian Paintball and the Tasmanian community call for the State Government to realise the potential Paintball has to bring to Tasmania and make the appropriate changes in amending the current Firearms Act 1996.

We, the undersigned, call on the Tasmanian government to make the appropriate changes to legalise paintball in Tasmania.

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