#Consumer Affairs
California State Senate
United States of America

In 2001, California residents began to do away with Rent Control. The Los Angeles County Rent Control Law was defeated by just 26 votes. It is time to bring it back.

Let's get our Middle Class rights to be heard, and begin the reform of local, City, and State regulations regarding our renters' rights.

I want to be able to afford my rent. And with the yearly increases, and unstable job market, why should all these billion dollar corporations be getting my hard earned money, and leave me with no money for my bills?

We have needs and as the middle class workers we should have the security of knowing we can have peace of mind, of knowing our rent will not be an issue next month.

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The Yes to Rent Control 2011 petition to California State Senate was written by Jerry Zabala and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.