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The planned HS2 rail link aims to bring high speed rail to the North of the UK which will usher in a new era of rail travel by slashing journey times from the North to London and by increasing capacity on the UK's crowded transport corridors.

There is however a growing coalition of protesters against the route mainly from areas that may be effected. The aim of this petition is to redress the balance and show the UK government that there is support for the project from across the country.

A high speed rail network will help to boost the economy of the North and Midlands of the UK and as a result will have lasting benefits throughout the country for decades to come.

An added benefit of the quicker journey times from the North to the South will mean that people will have more of a desire to switch from air and road transport to rail which will reduce the amount of CO2 produced by the travelling public. HS2 will also free up rail freight paths from the WCML meaning that heavily polluting lorries can be taken off of the road further reducing the UK's transport CO2 emissions.

The West Coast Main Line which is the busiest mixed use line in Europe is already close to capacity and commuters already face standing for long periods on packed trains. HS2 will ease overcrowding and secure rail capacity for decades to come.

The British public should be in no doubt that High Speed 2 is needed, an overcrowded and inefficient rail system would have massive negative impacts on the economy of the UK for decades to come. We can not afford not to build HS2.

By signing the petition you are proving to the government that there is indeed support for the project and that people understand it's national importance for the future.

If you are undecided or simply want to find out more about hs2 you can find out much more by visiting the Yes To HS2 web site

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Chris Howe.


We, the undersigned hereby show our full support for the proposed UK high speed rail link which is currently referred to as HS2 or High Speed 2.

We acknowledge that High Speed 2 is of national importance and that not only will it have massive economic benefits for the whole of the UK but it will mean that our rail infrastructure will be able to meet the countries long distance rail demands for the future.

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