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People should sign this petition because it will help teens and young adults learn more about how to practice safe sex and prevent teen pregnancy and spreading of sexually transmitted diseases.

Comprehensive sex education is a sex education for every teenager and young adult, no matter what their sexual orientation is. This program can help teenagers develop the skills they need to prevent themselves from participating in unsafe sexual activity. Our society has grown in various ways during the end of the last century and decade, but our sex education has not changed as much as our society has. Comprehensive sex education is an education that is up to date with our society.

In recent years, teen pregnancy has been more common than it has ever been. The United States has the highest rates of teen pregnancy and spreading of sexually transmitted diseases than any other developed country. Comprehensive sex education can help us reduce these rates and help our country become healthier.

We should support these programs so they can help young people feel more comfortable with their sexuality and understand what they are feeling. Abstinence sex education is a sex education of the past because these programs tell teenagers to wait to participate in sexual activity until marriage. Teenagers need a sex education that they can all relate to and comprehensive sex education does just that. People have been putting their beliefs and religious views before the health of their children for too long and now it is the time to change that.

When signing this petition, think about of all the teenagers that are finally getting the chance to have a sex education that can help them stay safe and healthy.

We, the public, ask the United States of America to approve the teaching of comprehensive sex education in our schools.

Our country has developed in many ways and it is finally time to change the way we teach sex education to our young people.

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