#Human Rights
Chris Brown
United States of America

There are several reputable sources that have reported this information that Chris Brown did indeed hit Rihanna and stating that because of hit age he probably would get away with a slap on the wrist for it.




Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna. The point is by now we know he hit her with all the apologies he is sending his family members to make. In the hip hop industry this is not a big deal and several people have been condemning Rihanna for speaking out on his violent behavior.

If Chris Brown did hit Rihanna this is a petition to make sure that he serves jail time. The bitter truth is it doesn't matter what she did, he should just have walked away, instead of but her up. The damage domestic violence does is great and takes a while to heal from.

Please join me to sign this petition so we can make sure Chris Brown doesn't get slapped with a fine for his actions.


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