One had the voice and one had the looks. Performed in front of billions of people on TV, Lin Miaoke, Aged 9, lipsync’d on the Beijing Opening Ceremony and impressed millions and millions of people. She was promised with a promising carreer in the future but little did we know, she actually mouthed the words during the night.

Behind the performance there was infact another young girl aged 7 who actually sang the song but was not given credit to. She didn’t perform on the stage because she wasn’t “cute enough”.

“We had to do,” the music director said, “the reason was for the national interest, the child on camera should have flawless image and expression.” He said,” Lin Miaoke was excellent in all of those areas.”

Chinese bloggers backup the situation, “If you’re not good looking enough, no matter how well you sing, you will not be on stage, do you know you’re twisting a whole generation? If foreigners found out, they’d think we can’t even find a girl who is good at both.”

Little amazing girl, Yang Peiyi says she’s just honoured to be part of the ceremony.

Oh yea! Forgot to mention, China also faked the fireworks! Haha. I’m so ashamed of China. At first I was so proud of the country where my ancestors were from, but now, im totally ashamed of China.

Do you remember the 29 Footsteps or something? Well that wasn’t live. They recorded that digitally because they were afriad they wouldn’t be able to capture it live.

I would like to see that young girl Yang Peiyi sing at the closing ceremony, if you feel the same, please sign this petition - gah im so angry at China!

Sign the petition for young girl Yang Peiyi WHO deserves to perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympics!

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