For a more enjoyable and fair gaming, we, Xbox Live community are asking for a free Xbox Live service. We see no reason why several basic features like IE, Youtube, etc., are currently paid once they could be free apps.

We ask for something reasonable once we pay for the console, the game, the internet connection, so it all makes our wish to have a free service even bigger. There's no sente in paying something extra to access my Netflix account once I already pay it monthly.

Make a favour for all of us and stop giving a reason to say the competitors are always one step ahead of us, it will keep your customers more thankful and happy with your service and also make Xbox be better seen among other gaming communities, general public and gaming magazine, websites, etc.

We, the undersigned, gently ask Microsoft to review your concepts about how Xbox Live charges its users.

We know you can't provide all services for free but at least the most basic and important ones would be more reasonable of you.

The Live community is just asking for a fairer service to all players that enjoy and have embraced Xbox and Microsoft services to them and their families along the last 10 years.

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