Square Enix

I Personally think that the Xbox Live Arcade game Crystal Defenders should have a Map maker where people who have purchased the game can make their own scenarios with the amount of monsters they want each wave how much money you start with what type of monsters come out how many crystals you start with and what type of heroes you can place and all that It shouldn't be hard for square enix to create considering they probably already have one made for them to use.

Even if this was DLC I Myself, would purchase it! I can understand where they can say well people could just cheat and get achievements out of it. well they should just make it where you cannot get achievements out of it. Who's with me here?

I agree that The XBLA game Crystal Defenders Should Have a map/scenario maker.

Based on Kendiggity's Facts I think it's a good idea and I pledge that if this is released I will most certainly download/purchase it.

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