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Have you purchased an Xbox 360 and been banned for reasons unknown???

I purchased a 2nd hand 360 5 months ago, have been playing online (live) for about the same time. Friday 23/11/07 my system was banned. When asking Microsoft they say they CANNOT give you an answer as to why?? Up until Friday my system was unregistered so i could not trace a previous owner, I have used the system for a number of months fine so cannot return it to the retailer...

XBox claim as soon as you access live for the 1st time your console details are sent to Microsoft... SORRY not the case I have been playing online and in tournaments for months.. I actually think its a very clever way of them waiting to ban users until the xmas period for example and boosting sales for xmas as you now need a new console to access live...... if thats not the case give me an answer.

I have boxes for all the games I play so i can read the authenticity code number off them... INNICENT PEOPLE ARE BEING MADE VICTIMS BY MICROSOFT...

NO wonder bill gates is so rich... Its like banning you from Driving your car BUT not telling you why... Surely this cannot be allowed... I am going to present this to BBC Watchdog and get Microsoft to give the Innocent people answers..

I know people out there try to beat the system BUT NOT EVERYONE does and EVERYONE is being made victims..

If you are a genuine gamer and innocent of fraud or piracy sign here.

Like myself you may have purchased a 2nd console and after a period of time (months) its now banned with no explanation at all... it's not right and something has to be done.

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