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WWE supercard Introduced Team BattleGround Mode in season 3 as a way for teams to play a competitive competition against other teams. The reward structure awarded teams with cards at their teams level upon achieving victory (which included the potential for both male and female stars at the teams current level). Those awards were altered so that players could no longer receive female cards a few weeks after the modes addition to the game. Months after the game mode was released a new, more power tier of cards was released (SummerSlam 17) and the rewards were altered to give players a chance to obtain those cards through the Team BG mode. While in the past players on the winning team were guaranteed a card from the top tier (WrestleMania 33) if their team was at that high of a level, the new rewards only give a chance of getting a SummerSlam 17 card if their team is at that level. After playing with this new reward structure for a period of time, players from teams at the top level are reporting very low probability of getting a SummerSlam 17 card from the BattleGround rewards. These low rewards are creating a situation where players are starting to reduce the amount they play Team BattleGround mode because the rewards are not worth the effort. As an example of the extremely low chance at top cards, our team has completed 4 Team BattleGround events victorious and out of 40 rewards, our team has gotten a total of 2 SummerSlam 17 cards. Other teams are reporting very similar results from their victories as well.

We want the reward structure for WWE team BattleGround mode altered to allow players at the highest level a greater chance of pulling rewards from the SummerSlam 17 tier.

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