Catdaddy Games, 2k Games

From the history of SuperCard it was always pay to win and not much has changed. Ads are an essential way for free to play, players to at least have a shot at the competitive ranks of the game. It's safe to say that not everyone can be spending money every week on bouts and title matches. With the hype that Catdaddy created we all expected for the new season to be great which don't get me wrong it is but it's safe to say that all the fun was cut short when we were hit with the "pay to win and play" You guys are also letting down the community because no one has even made a comment about ads as to what is going on and we try to ask but you don't listen. This petition is for the better of everyone if they aren't going to remove the limit on ads they need to at least address it to the community. Thank You

This petition is so that Catdaddy will hopefully listen to the community for once and not let this game turn to dust. All we are asking for is that you take away the limit on ads or greatly reduce points needed for events and time needed for bouts.

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