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Asuka and Kairi Sane are two of the best and beloved women wrestlers in not only the WWE,but throughout the world!Both are beloved backstage and Asuka is neck-in-neck in popularity with Becky Lynch! Unfortunately,bad booking has keep these women down;not only have they not been on any major WWE PPV's as of late,but they have been rarely seen on WWE TV,and this injustice must be righted! We therefore ask the WWE and those in charge to give these two women a chance to shine in the ring and let them wrestle the way they did in NXT! We ask for better booking and for them to appear every week and showcase their talents! And,when they do win titles,let them appear every week and on WWE PPV's as fighting champions! Remember: Asuka x Kairi Sane = RATINGS and $$$$$$ for the WWE!!!Not only that,it would also help revive the now dormant WWE Women's Roster!Thank you!!!

"We of the wrestling community call upon the WWE to give Asuka and Kairi Sane the push they deserve!!!"

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