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Bob Kravitz broke the scandal known as Deflategate. As a reporter, his job is to break stories. This was, in his words, the biggest story of his long career. No one has a problem with him breaking a story. Where people have a problem, and why Patriots fans have such an issue with how he does his job, is his rush to judgement.

Despite the fact that there was zero evidence to support this story, Kravitz called for the dismissal of head coach Bill Belichick. He questioned owner Bob Kraft's integrity in his tweets. He even said Tom Brady was covering up the story.

As time has gone on, it has become quite clear the Patriots did nothing wrong in this situation. Kravitz issued a half hearted "Mea Culpa" on Tuesday the 10th but it is too little, too late.

While sucking up to Colts owner Bob Irsay and his arrests and addiction to alcohol and drugs, and trying to besmirch the impeccable reputation of Patriots owner Bob Kraft, Kravitz showed a revolting bias that cannot exist in today's media.

That is why I am calling for WTHR in Indianapolis to do the right thing and cut their ties with Bob Kravitz.

We, the fans of the NFL, want to see WTHR of Indianapolis fire Sports columnist Bob Kravitz. This man has a bias that has no place in the media. He is supposed to report with passion, but without prejudice. mr Kravitz allowed his blind hatred of the New England Patriots get in the way of his journalistic integrity and the fans of the NFL cannot just turn a blind eye to it.

Mr Kravitz wants to cover up for his friend Jim Irsay and his drug and alcohol addiction, yet question the integrity of a man like Bob Kraft, a man who has an impeccable reputation and was the single biggest reason the NFL was able to avoid a lockout, even putting the cancer sickness of his dying wife on the backburner to help save this league.

Mr Kravitz is upset that his Colts have lost to the Patriots 140-49 in their last three meetings, leaving Mr Kravitz to look for Boogeymen as the reason for the one sided scores.

He has jumped to conclusions, called for people's dismissals without any cause, and allowed his favoritism to cloud his judgement.

If he can call for people's firings without a shred of proof, we the fans of the NFL (regardless of which team) can certainly call for his firing as we have ample proof of his inability to report without prejudice.

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