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Wrexham Power
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•Whilst the UK needs more power, There is no genuine need for a scheme of this size in Wrexham – we believe this power station will fill the deficit of power in the South of England at the expense of our environment)

•There are better locations for such a development in the UK such as the many recently closed nuclear, coal and oil plants which have pylons, etc. in place already.

•There is no proposal for a sub-station on the Wrexham Industrial Estate and therefore the claims that it will benefit the Estate by providing extra power appear flawed. Wrexham wrong plant and no infrastructure, This is “Greenwash” to mislead us.

•Claims of job opportunities are dubious– many of these jobs are highly specialised and are likely to be brought in from elsewhere.

•The Cheshire approaches to Wrexham.

•Pollution could affect the industrial estate and local villages including Holt and Farndon.

•This is not a sustainable or low carbon proposal when it could and should be. We believe it will produce 2.5 million tonnes per year of carbon which will need to be stored underground or out to sea.

•There are better options for the Industrial Estate that could genuinely achieve the benefits with no requirement to spoil our environment with the proposed pylons, e.g. a much smaller sustainable low carbon energy efficient plant.

•‘FRACKING’ further down the line ?

Wrexham Residents Against Power Scheme.

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