The President
United States of America

I would like to suggest to my fellow Americans that we should all take responsiblity to bring down the Debt.
We can all send in a small amount of money per week and do some real good.

A Nation in need is Our’s Indeed!

With all the clamor over America’s budget crisis, I read as much as I could about such horrendous debts.

This led me to recall that the King or President was called the First Estate; Parliament or Congress: the Second Estate; Courts: the Third Estate; and the Press: the Fourth Estate. I believe our silent majority , “WE THE PEOPLE”, is our Fifth Estate.

Since the Republican Party refuses to raise taxes to help pay off the National Debt, it is time for We the People to take the bull by the horns!

Join WOWP (We owe! We Pay!).

There are approximately One Hundred and Fifteen Million households in the United States. If each one donated a dollar a week to reduce the National Debt it could total about 500 million dollars each year!

After five years of our generosity, joined with other conscientious resources, We the People could make a genuine dent in the debt. We owe! We pay!

Then, we could thumb our noses at a “do-nothing” Congress.

To contribute your $4.00 per month , write a check to:
Attention Department G
The Bureau of the Public Debt
P.O. Box 2188
Parkersburg, West Virginia, 26106-2188.

Notate on your check that it is a gift to reduce the Debt held by the Public.

Your children and grandchildren will thank you!

Never send money to us.

Kindly pass this idea along to your friends. Thank you.

P.S. I already sent in my $4 check.

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