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It is medically necessary for people with many forms of Epidermolysis Bullosa to bandage wounds and protect healthy skin from harm.

Most of the time, these expenditures are not covered by insurance of any kind, and the outlay for one household can range from $1-5,000 a month just for wound care supplies!

There are families with children who need financial help now to cover the expense of costly bandages and medical supplies, and young adults who need this assistance in order to achieve an independent lifestyle.

Every American should be able to participate in impartial health care coverage, regardless of their disease.

It is vital for financial assistance to become accessible to all persons in every state. The public and our legislators must understand the impact of this disease on EB patients and their families, and the inequity that subsists in today's health care system.

Voice your support now with your signature! Please add your name to the list to help get this legislation passed!

We need as many signatures as possible to make this happen for EB patients and their families! Please send the link to this petition to anyone you know!

HELP US FIND A SPONSOR FOR THE WOUND CARE BILL!!! Learn How at: http://ebanusa.org/petition.htm where you will find a SAMPLE LETTER and a copy of the Wound Care Bill!

EBAN is a 501 (c) (3) non profit, tax exempt organization designated by the Internal Revenue Code

Please sign and join us in our effort to invite Congress to support our Wound Care Bill which could mandate insurance companies to provide coverage on all bandage and wound related products needed by those that suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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