Lower skilled work visa holders
New Zealand

Help us to unite against the stand down period!

Cross Country Recruitment need you and your friends to help us stop the stand down period from taking effect. The government announced in July 2017 a stand-down period of 12 months for lower-skilled workers after they have been working in New Zealand consecutively for 3 years. This will affect all Essential Skills work visa applicants from 28th August 2017 for lower-skilled positions.
Cross Country Recruitment believes that this is a breach of civil rights and needs your help to put a stop to this. Together we can put forward a petition that can overturn this decision and prove to the government that we will not stand for this proposed stand down.

If this is not stopped now, the lives of many lower skilled visa holders in New Zealand will be affected, many of them will be forced to go home and the hard work they have put in will be lost. Farmers will be forced to hire new staff and will be less likely to look for overseas workers that are not already fully qualified. The impact on the lives of those involved and the economy as a whole will be vast.

Lower skilled workers have already been punished by the changes requiring the partners and children of Essential Skill workers in lower skilled employment not able to gain partnership visas any longer, only through meeting the requirements of a work visa in their own right. Let's not let any further discrimination to occur.

As a community, we have a chance to unite and voice our opinion against this stand down. Please, join us and let our voice be heard!

What we want to achieve?

The removal of the 1-year stand-down of lower skilled visa workers after 3 consecutive years of visa work.

The removal of this stand-down period will improve the long-term sustainability of overseas work and the employers' ability to employ them. Both Parties have invested significant amounts of time in the training and work ethic. Preservation of this time investment is of utmost importance here.

How we plan to achieve this?

With your help! A Petition will make the government understand that those of us in the industry disagree with their decision and will allow us all to voice our opinions loud and clear. The more support we can get from you and your friends the bigger the impact we will have.

What we want to say to the government?

Stop the stand down. Please understand that no good will come from this stand-down period and the overall effect will be a large decline in the availability of overseas migrant work and a reduction in the quality and quantity of reliable staff across many industries.

We, the undersigned, call on the New Zealand parliament to abolish the Stand-down period for the lower skilled visa holders in New Zealand.

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