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United States of America

I moved from baltimore city to baltimore county and i kept trying to get a job but my age got in the way every time.

We, the younger generation, call on the rest of our nation to help us prove a point.

In the consition it says"every man is made equal" so why is the younger generation treated different? We the younger generation have families too. As for my family my mother and father have to pay $1,500 for rent a month $500 for gas and electric $300 for the water bill and still have to buy us food and clothing and ect. and my father is the only one that works b/c my mother has a back problem and he only gets paid $550 a week so if you add all that up they do not have much money for themselves at the end.

The middle and older generation always says to keep on the right track but they dont want us to sell drugs so how else are we supose to make our own money.it might not be alot of us(the good younger generation) but some of use want to help our parents out with the bills. Even if the job pays $150 a week or even $350 every two weeks every lil helps.

So we the younger generation are asking for your help.

ariell myers

and the undersigned

p.s. my mother always says noone can go back and start a new beginning but any one can start a new ending.

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