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NY Senator Josepth P. Addabbo Jr, Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York
United States of America

New York's 15th Senate District needs better express bus service to the city. The follow proposals should be aknowledged based on community demands and needs.

1. Make BM5 headway 60 minutes instead of 70 minutes middays, and extend the hours of operation up to 2 PM to Manhattan. Make the BM5 stop at Liberty Avenue, Atlantic Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, and Alderton Street/Dry Harbor Road along Woodhaven Blvd to catch more ridership, as those are the busiest express bus stops along Woodhaven Blvd.

2. Make a Uniform QM15 and BM5 headway of 30 minutes, so that a bus to Manhattan arrives every 30 minutes, instead of a irregular bus headway.

3. Provide QM15 Sunday Bus service, as the service levels justify it.

The BM5 originally was accepted into the MTA with Weekday Service to Canarsie, and service to Manhattan from about 5 AM to 4 PM. Then the service changes started;

Schedule admitted from Command Bus to the MTA

Canarsie Service Discontinued
Late Evening Service Added

Headways go up AM peak and PM peak from 15-20 minutes to 20-30 minutes

Makes stops in Queens
Midday Buses rescheduled to pass 20-25 minutes earlier weekdays (5-10 in Saturday)
Early PM peak buses have 50 minute headways (3-4 PM) instead of 40 minute.

Last bus from Brooklyn from 3:15PM to 2:15 PM weekdays, and 4:15PM to 2:15 PM

First Saturday Bus to Spring Creek Doscontinued

Last Bus to Manhattan now at 12:35 PM from 2:15 PM

Weekday Midday service now every 70 minutes instead of 60 minutes

Last Bus to Queens now at 11:00 PM instead of 11:45 PM.

We, residents along the Woodhaven Blvd Bus corridor demand better express bus service that will help out residents, and gain more ridership.

We are tired of Woodhaven Blvd buses getting cut, and we do need them.

It is the nerve that the MTA is cutting away our service while not cutting others with less ridership.

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