#Women's Rights
Charlotte City Council
United States of America

On March the 2nd the Charlotte City Council will vote on an ordinance that would allow anyone to select the bathroom facility of their choice because of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. By simply identifying as a woman, a male would have legal access to women's restrooms, shower facilities, and locker rooms.

Here are my questions and concerns that I am emailing to each Charlotte City Council member: I first of all wanted to express that I feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to share restrooms and shower facilities with men.

If any male can choose a restroom because of the orientation they identify with, how can you make sure that the person is not actually a predator pretending to identify as a woman?

How can you stop perverts that are willing to say they identify with being a female in order to get access to women's restrooms and shower facilities?

I know I would not feel safe or comfortable sharing restrooms and showers with men. Are you aware of the percentage of women who have been sexually abused, harassed, and violated by men in some way?

The idea of having to share restrooms and showers with males, whether the male says he identifies more with women or not, can provoke high amounts of anxiety and fear for women especially if they have been violated by men in some way in their lifetime. I know this would be very stressful and uncomfortable to me and I believe as a woman I should have the right to privacy in bathrooms and showers. I see this attracting perverts who will pose as a particular gender orientation to get access. I believe this could put women and children in danger.

Is passing this ordinance to give people the right to choose whichever gender bathroom they identify with worth the risk of the potential harm this decision could create for women and children? Is it worth the anxiety, stress, and fear this will produce for many women?

To pass this is to take away a woman's right to having privacy from men in a public bathroom and shower facility. To the Charlotte City counsel members, I do hope you take in consideration the potential harm of this decision and make the choice to not pass this ordinance.

To those of you who have concerns about this ordinance in any way I ask that you please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on the Charlotte City Council to not pass the ordinance that would allow anyone to select the gender restroom they affiliate with.

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