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National Fathers Rights
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Single women have been having babies that they know they can't afford but they have them anyway because they know that the more children they have the lager home they'll get Along with more free food, rent, phones w/ minutes & last but not least child support. These women are encouraged to be single and poor.

Women should not be having children until they are financially stable. If they want government assistance they should take some form of birth control like the depo shot so the doctor will know she is getting it.

DHS needs to have a time and a limit on how much assistance a person can get. This petition is to hold women accountable for their actions. They put themselves in that position so they should at the very least try to do better and make something of their lives.

Please sign this petition to start making women be held accountable for their actions. If these women have a child by a man that they know is no good then turn around and do it again and again they should be held accountable.

If these women want our tax dollars to pay for their bad decisions then their should be a time line on how long and how much assistance these women can get.

If they are recieving assistance they should be on the depo shot so they won't have anymore children until their financially able to care for the child on their own. These women should also do some kind of work or look for work and/or go to school.

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