Assam Government and Assam Police

On 22nd November, 2013 she boarded a vehicle to pick her 6 year daughter up from the school. Four men present in the vehicle attempted to rape her. The initial news that surfaced suggested that she was raped. However, the autopsy report counters this claim.

Despite this fact, the condition in which her body was found suggests that there might have been attempts to gang rape her. The brutes, having failed to succeed in their evil desire, brutally tortured the girl and inflicted severe injuries on her head and neck. She was finally thrown out of the running vehicle merely 100 metres away from the nearest police station. Everything happened in broad daylight.

There seems to be inefficiencies in the police investigation. The vehicle where the crime was reportedly committed has still not been located. The incident happened in a small district town of Lakhimpur in Assam and a few such vehicles operate in the area. There is crucial forensic evidence in the vehicle and delays in locating it risks the evidence being destroyed. It has been more than 10 days now and no credible arrests have been made.

The Assam Police is coming out with various possibilities of murder and accident to cover up for its gross failure to make any credible arrests and locate the vehicle. They have also resorted to Character Assassination based on the statement of a person that was arrested and then later released. It can only be hoped that the Assam Police has not forced the person to confess having illicit relationship with the deceased. Assam has witnessed quite a number of such incidents in the past. The repeated failure of the government to deliver justice in the wake of the elections ahead seem to put the police under tremendous pressure to make the case look like an accident or a murder. The possibility of a political puppet investigation cannot be ruled out. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) constituted by the government seems to be running a puppet show.

Even if it was a planned murder, it is imperative that the culprits are apprehended. The fact that her injuries were very horrendous cannot be ignored and such a horrific crime cannot be tolerated. Failure to nab the culprits will simply mean encouragement to other anti social elements.

The incident was widely covered by press and media.
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We the aggrieved family call on the Assam Government and the Assam Police in particular to immediately stop the Character Assassination of the victim and not try at all to shift the course of the investigation to believing something which is not acceptable.

We demand the vehicle (the tempo) to be located immediately and the culprits be arrested. We demand the Assam Government to institute a fair investigation and not try to bend the case to their political interest. We call on the police department not to protect any local leaders who might directly or indirectly be involved in the horrific crime.

We hereby, give 30 calendar days to the Assam Police to conclude a fair investigation to this incident.


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