Federal Court
United States of America

By signing this petition, I am stating for Federal court use that Walter Eugene Litteral, also known as Gene Litteral, is a moral and upstanding person, with the highest of personal values.

He is a loving and caring family man, which includes his wife, children and grandchildren. He is a compassionate and giving man who helps in anyway he can to those in need, for the welfare of others and his community. He is a giving man who loves to donates to many causes and fundraisers at every chance he gets.

He is a honorable and proud veteran who has given many years of service to the Marine Corps. He his a man who cares for his fellow human beings.

He has impacted and touched so many life's in postive ways. His selflessness and always putting others needs before his own, is his amazing and outstanding character.

Petition author: Krislitteral@gmail.com

We, the undersigned, state that Walter Eugene Litteral, also known ad Gene Litteral, is of good moral character and is a positive influence to many and on his community.

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