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On December 24, 2006 Ethiopia has for the first time admitted its ground troops were fighting in Somalia, its fighter jets were destroying Somalia's infrastructures and are now occupying the whole of Somalia illegally.

As a result of this unlawful invasion, thousands of Somalis fled their homes to escape from the indiscriminate Ethiopian air bombardment and thousand more were killed, the situation has only deteriorate.

On January 8, 2007 United States has also admitted it has carried out air strikes by AC-130 in southern Somalia targeting what it called Al-Qaeda suspect based on "credible intelligence", according Pentagon spokesman. Nevertheless US ambassador to Kenya Michael Ranneberger acknowledged no Al-Qaeda's were killed, who did they killed? Innocent civilians and their lives stocks, the media reported 70 were killed but resident on ground have reported much higher number of civilian casualties.

The Ethiopian Government Clearly violates Council resolution 733 (1992) which prohibits supply of armies, military equipments, technical training and assistance intended solely and the use of force. Security Council resolution 1725(2006), calls for respect of Somalia sovereignty, territorial integrity, political independent and Somali Unity.


We, the peace loving citizen of the world undersigned, beseech the United Nation Security Council to condemn the illegal invasion and occupation of Somalia by Ethiopian forces. The Ethiopian occupying forces in Somalia is an open violation of UN resolution 1725 (2006) and 733 (1992).

We strongly urge the all member states to join the peace loving citizen of the world by condemning and calling for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Somalia and end to US air strikes in southern Somalia.

We, the undersigned believe the predicament in Somalia can only be solved through peaceful dialogue. We, the undersigned believe the use of force will only escalate the conflict in Somalia and prolong the suffering of Somali people.

We, the undersigned deem the solution for Somali conflict is in the hands of Somalis.

We, the undersigned, believe the solution to this conflict begins by ending the Ethiopian occupation forces.

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