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This is a petition to hold Wise Words accountable for the merchandise it sells to consumers.

On August 24th of 2008, my fiance and I were shopping at the Westfield Fox Valley Center in Aurora, Illinois. My fiance was walking through the mall when she saw 2 very offensive and insensitive shirts. In plain view of the public. She saw 2 shirts sold by Wise Words with the following depiction:

1) A figure swimming with the word "Mojado" written under the swimmer

2) A depiction of a man women and child fleeing with the phrase "Got Papers?" written underneath

This is an obvious refference and only serves to feed negative stereotypes about Mexicans in the United States.

This petition asks that Wise Words and the Management of Westfield Fox Valley Center, ensure that Wise Words do the following:

1) Not market hurtful and insensitive merchandise or perpetuate a negative and offensive stereotype through the merchandise they sell.

2) Train and educate vendors to not facilitate hurtful and offensive stereotypes by selling hurtful and offensive clothing.

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