#Local Government
County Mayor Jonah Keltner & Lewis County Board of Comissioners
United States of America

We must win the battle against COVID-19 because:
1) Our children and teachers must feel safe.
2) Our economy and businesses must be opened, thriving and brought back up to a high level of working and functional for the good of all.
3) We currently have no control or protection of what is brought into our county by others outside our county and state.
4) Our state houses a larger through fare via the interstates for the massive movement of freight from west to east and reverse. This provides a highly viable and rapidly moving conduit for the virus to spread as this traffic moves through our state.
5) Our local residents must have the ability and freedom to move around our neighborhoods and communities with safety, and without the fear of contacting COVID-19.
6) Visitors and tourists to our county need to adhere to the three venues that lower the risk of and spread of this virus.
7) Our senior citizens, loved ones, children and family members must be protected against COVID-19. High-risk individuals should be secure with all county residents doing their part to protect those in greatest risk to being exposed and contracting this virus, becoming infected and/or dying needlessly.
8) Many county residents will not support nor shop at businesses where these safeguarding venues are not being practiced. Local businesses are fearful of losing some customers. But if all businesses exercised these three protocols, it would be a win/win -- our county residents would no longer send their business and dollars to the Internet but instead would keep their moving within our local economy.
8) When the leaders in our county as the role models are adhering, supporting and demonstrating their compliance with these three protocols, our citizens are given direction as TOGETHER we win this battle against COVID-19.
9) Following this pathway, each resident has the ability to be a part of the solution of lowering the number of cases of exposure and illness. Each of us become a hero by protecting our neighbor, family and other community members.
10) Because there is absolutely no reason we should lose this battle against COVID-19.

We, the undersigned residents of Lewis County, Tennessee believe we should be winning the battle against the COVID-19 virus for the greater good and welfare of our community. We believe power given to our County Mayor's office by the Governor of Tennessee must be exercised for our community and county residents to be safe from this highly contagious virus. Three venues have been addressed by our Governor and the CDC to fight COVID-19: 1) frequent washing of hands, 2) mandated wearing of masks in public and 3) safe distancing in social settings and general public situations.

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