#Local Government
Northumberland Residents
United Kingdom

'Wingates Not Wind Farms' action group is set up to fight the proposals by Novera Energy, Coronation Power and Res (UK) Ltd in their plans to build several wind farm sites which would envelope Wingates village and the surrounding area.

Our 3 key objectives are simple
Protect Northumberland landscape
Protect Northumberland people
Protect Northumberland local businesses

We the undersigned are opposed to the proposal by Novera Energy, Coronation Power and Res (UK) Ltd to create multiple wind farms around the close proximity to Wingates, Northumberland.

We are concerned the adverse effects will be created upon visual amenity, wildlife and habitat, noise, infrastructure and cultural heritage.

We do not consider that the proposed benefits of these projects can be delivered either at all or without serious damage to the local community.

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