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· An effort to alleviate overcrowding in Windham’s Schools and avoid splitting the 3rd grade between Goldenbrook and the Center School in the most cost effective manner until long-term solutions are implemented;

· The high school has adequate capacity as it was built to accommodate growth in student count over the next 10-15 years (1000 students);

· The high school already has a “freshman academy” which could be utilized in part to help with the integration.

· Housing the 8th graders in the high school will eliminate the need to split the 3rd grade classes between the center school and Golden brook.

· Moving 3rd graders to Golden brook would further tax the school’s infrastructure which is at 199% capacity, resulting in the loss of the art and music rooms and other resources.

· Golden brook’s current capacity and safety ratings are already at unacceptable ratings.

· Benefit to the 8th graders in attending a brand new, state of the art facility.

· Moving 8th grade to the high school next year, will result in 8 additional students at the middle school rather than 105 additional students at Golden brook.

· The high school will remain well under capacity. (approximately 925 students versus a capacity of 1,000.

CITIZENS PETITION: Citizens petition by Joel Dube and other concerned citizens to alleviate overcrowding in the Windham School District.

We, the voters are requiring the Windham School Board to make available the extra student capacity at Windham High School for the 8th grade and move the 5th grade to Windham Middle School, effective at the beginning of the 2011 – 2012 school year, therefore not splitting the 3rd grade between the Windham Center School and Golden Brook School.

The voters “will” to utilize the extra capacity at our Windham High School will help to reduce the overall overcrowding issues at our lower grades K-8 until a long term plan and strategy is implemented.

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