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Latest Update:- 3rd December 2013

The Petition has now been submitted to the council with a total of 193 signatures. This online petition will remain up and running and is still able to be signed. If the consultation period for the planning is extended then any new signatures will be submitted.

Thank you for your help and support and I will continue to update this page with the latest information.

Please take a few minutes of your time to watch these youtube clips.

1 - Wind turbine shadow flicker and noise, Byron Wisconsin;
2 - wind turbine sound;
3 - The noise of wind turbines.
4 - Living in a power station HD

Nant y Ffrith Wind Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of West Coast Energy Ltd have submitted an application for the erection of a wind turbine up to 77 metres vertical tip height with associated crane pad, substation building, formation of new track and new entrance junction off unclassified road and provision of temporary construction compound. The location of which is Mount Farm, Ffrith, Wrexham LL11 5HU.

Why Object?
Here are just a few examples, however there will be more details and updates on the Petition website:- gopetition.com then in the search, type - wind turbine llanfynydd. Or find us through facebook.

• Noise pollution – Wind turbines can start turning at relatively low wind speeds which means the turbine will be in use in all weathers day and night.
• Over dominance – With the possibility of a 77 metre high turbine, the consequence of loss of light, the ‘flickering effect’, and its sheer presence are a concern.
• Impact on the appearance of the landscape - The proposed site is on the edge of an area of outstanding natural beauty. The visual impact on the local and surrounding views will be immense and may have an adverse effect on local tourism.
• Setting a precedence for new developers to construct more turbines – Although the turbine may not directly affect some residents in its current proposed location, if the planning was approved and the turbine went ahead, a precedence would have been set. Although West Coast Energy say they only plan on erecting one turbine, other developers may follow suit and attempt to build more in the area.

For all the planning details and location map go to FFlintshire.gov.uk and under residential, click planning then click on view and comment on planning applications, then click search the planning applications database and enter this code:- 051143 in the application number search box.

Further Information on the Petition
I only found out about this Planning Application on the 28th October 2013. I believe it has been poorly publicised to local residents. This is why I have decided to take urgent immediate action within our community and hope to make an impact as the planning vote is believed to be no more than a few months away. I am in favour of renewable energy, however I believe that such an imposing, large scale project in this area would be more detrimental than beneficial. This, together with the fact that in my view, there has been very little effort made to consult the surrounding residents and authorities, has driven me to increase awareness.

As a contrast, take the Wales Rally GB awareness campaign compared to the Wind Turbine.
For months prior to the event there have been posters on lampposts, flyers in shops and more importantly, notices through letter boxes where the rally would be taking place over just a few days. Compare that to the efforts made by West Coast Energy, on the proposal of a permanent 77m structure.

As stated on the Flintshire.gov.uk website the date for making online comments has now elapsed. Therefore the only way of putting a point across is by sending a letter in to Flintshire County Council, and/or providing your details and signature on the petition. The next stage of the planning will be a hearing and then a vote by council planning members.

Signing a petition is a great way to show your support, however it will ultimately only be one letter signed by perhaps a few hundred people. If we can combine that with a few hundred individually signed letters to the council, they would carry a lot more weight and increase the chance of a successful outcome. So whilst your signature on this petition is extremely well valued, if you can find the time to write a personal letter to the council, this would be hugely advantageous to the cause. Here are a few bullet points to consider when stating your reasons. These have been copied from the Flintshire.gov website. Details for who to write to and what information to include are on the final page.

The issues you raise must involve planning matters such as:
• Impact on residential amenity (e.g. hours of use, loss of privacy, loss of light, over dominance, noise, traffic)
• Impact on the character and appearance of an area (design, appearance and intensity)
• Impact on highway safety (e.g. poor visibility, pedestrian safety, parking)
• Impact on community facilities
• Planning policies and proposals, or Government planning advice.
We cannot take into account comments on the following types of concerns:
• Personal characteristics of the applicant
• The effect of the proposal on property values
• Disturbances during building work
• Loss of view
• Private rights of way, private drains and other private easements and legal covenants
• Disputes over land ownership
• Commercial competition
• Building Regulation issues (e.g. structural stability, drainage, fire precautions, hygiene and internal space).

Send your letter to:

Head of Planning
Environment Directorate
County Hall
You must include the following information in your letter. Failure to do so may result in your comments not being taken into account.
Site address of application: Mount Farm, Ffrith, Wrexham, LL11 5HU
Description of proposal: Erection of wind turbine up to 77m vertical tip height with associated crane pad, substation building, formation of new track and new entrance junction off unclassified road and provision of temporary construction compound
Application number: 051143
Your name:
Your address:
Your comments about the proposal:
The inclusion of your telephone number is not a mandatory requirement, however, should a Planning Officer wish to contact you it would be useful.

Only 55 people attended the first planning meeting, I was not one of them as I had no knowledge about it. If we can better that at the next meeting then surely we can make more of an impact.

The Petition is available to sign at the Cross Keys Public House, Burrows MOT Garage, and the Post Office in Llanfynydd.

There is also an online website including more information, updates and an online petition which you can sign. Just google search gopetition.com then type wind turbine llanfynydd into the search box. Click the first box matching the title. Or find us through facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information provided. If you feel as passionately as I do regarding this issue, then please take action by writing in, and in doing anything else that may help.

Lead Petitioner: Greg Holloway
Contact: 07745 273 733
Email: hollowayservices8@gmail.com

We, the undersigned, want to object to the proposed wind turbine at Mount Farm, Llanfynydd.

Planning Application Number: 051143

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