#Animal Welfare
District Forest Office, Chitwan

We have edited the petition as previous time we had only focused Panchakanya Community Forest User Group but now we are focusing on every forest and public places. It is illegal to cage such wild animals for financial & entertaining purpose but such trend has been increasing day by day and various community forest has been adopting such trend.

They are catching the wild animals like wild boar, deer, pythons, leopards,etc. and has been caging them. But the Government is still sitting silently as they cannot address such issues. So, we are here to make them inform and give pressure to the Government to take the action as soon as possible.

Animal Rights Club (ARC) strongly condemns this initiative and requests the government to stop caging the wild animals.

We, the undersigned, call on the District Forest Office to:

1) Stop caging the wild animals for the economic purpose;

2) Investigate the activities which are against wildlife welfare act-2029 in the country and develop welfare standards.

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