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Victoria Roads, Greater Shepparton City Council

Murchison-Tatura Road is a major arterial road connecting to the Goulburn Highway at Murchison East to all the cities and towns Northwest of Tatura. The Road is unsafe for all road users.

The road comprises of Pot Holes and broken edge. There is No Shoulder or Emergency stopping lane to pull over in the event of an emergency. The Road is narrow and unsafe for all Vehicles including Trucks and Agricultural machinery, let alone bicycle users. As televised on WIN News Tuesday 4 October, 2016 and Shepparton News Tuesday 11 October, 2016 Re: Inadequate Road Infrastructure on the Murchison-Tatura Road.

We, the undersigned, petition the council to fix and widen Murchison-Tatura Road from the foundation upward. STOP patching it up.

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