Ozora Psychedelic Trance Festival

Nekkid _Trance is a lifestyle choice. Together Mark and I have chosen and found a beautiful niche where we can live in trance, create in trance, be in trance and enhance our dance. We create clothes and footwear for the psychedelic trance scene, we trance test all our items on the dance floor and only the comfortable and the long lasting designs, reach our customers. Mark has been involved in the trance scene most of his life, arriving in Goa in 1993 and never leaving. I arrived in 2001. We both still dance at all the parties in the season time in Goa and if we get to a party in Europe, to sell our wears, we NEVER leave without a trip to the dance floor, often many, even tho working in a festival can be tiring. We are 100% trancers, dedicated to the trance scene, and dedicated to help so many people enjoy their experience on the dance floor, by wearing and loving our designs.
Seven years ago we worked as pirates in Ozora, we have a market stall in Goa for eleven years, so carrying 80kg of stock every day in the blazing sun was not fun, but we were committed to bringing our brand to Europe. Three years later and a lot of sweat and labour. we were awarded a shop on the Ozora market. Finally we had arrived we felt like Kings, unfortunately three years later Ozora refused to give us our hard earned stall, and refused to tell us why. Last year Mark still turned up and again did a pirate shop, he got thouroughly burnt poor boy but never gave up. This year five days ago he was refused ALL ENTRY INTO OZORA with absolutely no reason whatsoever. We are both peace loving, trance loving people,, who work hard to, make our lives on the trance scene. We live the Ozora festival. ,who doesn't, Mark was there in 1999, having it, we love trance, trance music, trance parties, trance clothes, we don't know why Ozora is treating us like this ?? We feel ostracized from our favourite place, with our favourite peole, and Ozora wont even have the common decency to even tell us , the reason is there is no reason. we feel incredibly hurt and let down and feel the only people we can turn to is our trance family, you. We of course want to dance and sell in Ozora but we also want to know why if any thing at all we have done to be treated as outcasts from,our own community.

We, the undersigned, call on the organisers of Ozora Psychedelic Trance Festival, Hungary, to a) Give a transparent reason why Nekkid_Trance have been unwittingly ostracized from the festival, b) of course we would love for them to be reinstated, unless they have committed some heinous crime or act..

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