#Students' Rights
Valley Stream District 13 Board of Education
United States of America

Wheeler Avenue School is the largest and the oldest of the 4 district elementary schools with 600 students and 80 staff members.

Therefore, Wheeler Avenue PTA needs the support of its families, as a united front, in urging the Board of Education members to consider allocating budgeted tax dollars for much needed bathroom facility improvements. The implementation of a petition provides a public record of community support.

Signing the petition shows you are in agreement with the need for the above requested improvement. Once the petition is completed, it will be presented to the Board of Education. The need for bathroom improvement has been discussed for many years.

Studies have shown that children excel in the environment they are surrounded in. The support from Wheeler families will enable this cause to get the attention needed at this time.

We, the families of Wheeler Avenue students, call on the Valley Stream District 13 Board of Education members to consider and implement budgeted tax dollars for the 2015-2016 school budget.

The current bathroom conditions are a great concern regarding cleanliness, health hazards and the overall appearance of the deteriorated fixtures throughout the restrooms in the building.

Please accept these signatures as our continued concern for the needed improvements that require immediate attention.

Kindly advise the Wheeler Avenue PTA of the next steps for consideration and implementation of the above petition.

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