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This is a mirror of the original "What's
with Andy?" DVD petition hosted by the Petition Online network. The original was
rather convoluted and never to the point.

This new version will hopefully be easier
to understand for those who want to sign it.

We, the undersigned are strongly asking that your company release the animated series, "What's with Andy?" on video and DVD. Since March 1, 2002, after six months on the air in the United States, ABC Family pulled the show off the air in favor of more action-packed programming such as the "Power Rangers" family of programs, but the show continues to air on the Teletoon network in Canada.

This event has arisen a situation of dissatisfaction with ABC Family's actions that we, the undersigned feel you should know about. The DVD has become popular in recent years, and we, the undersigned would like to encourage your company to take part in the trend.

We'd like to thank you for taking the time to take our requests into consideration.

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