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I wanted to add this note to thank all of you for signing this Petition for Madison and her family. I have read each and every one of your names and comments, and have been so touched by your love for this little girl and your heartfelt wishes for her recovery. Bless you all so much! I'm sure if Madison could speak, she would thank you all so much for loving her and helping.


Four-year-old Madison, daughter of John and Gina Randolph of Los Fresnos, Texas, was in a tragic near-drowning accident on March 22, 2006.

Madison is a precious little girl who loves princesses and brings a smile to everyone she meets.

Sadly, she is in an open-eyed coma and currently is on her journey to healing. Doctors don't know how much she will recover. We are asking you to please keep her, her twin brother Jason, and all of the family in your prayers.

Madison is showing progress with each month. Her Rappaport scale score has improved from a "moderate coma" status to a "coma" status. She is nearing the coma status value closest to the "no coma" level. Please keep praying hard for her full recovery.

Madison spent one month at Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio receiving wonderful care through their coma stimulation program. Much to her 3 brothers' delight, Madison is now home in her own comfy room and is improving day by day. She has great nurses for part of the day and has outpatient therapy now. Madison has been back to church and around her hometown.

Madison thrilled her family the first weekend of June and smiled for the first time since the accident. Madison and her family are a testimony to God's amazing hand in our lives. God gave Gina a sign that He has a plan for us all. She was praying and her eyes were lifted to Madison's medical chart and saw "B+" -- Madison's blood type.

Our prayer for you is to hear her story and seek God in your own life. Be blessed and B+ for Madison.

We, the family, friends, and concerned, ask Extreme Home Makeover for the help needed to give Madison and her family the home, vehicle, and life they need to try to help Madison recover fully from this accident.

The Randolph family lives in a crowded home with their four children. Since Madison's accident, more and more equipment and needs are occurring for Madison. The family is even more crowded in this home, and a handicap vehicle is desperately needed to help transport Madison to therapy, doctor appointments, etc. in her wheelchair.

The wonderful extended family of grandparents help so generously in the care of the other children when Madison is hospitalized. We would love to see a nice, comfortable bedroom/bath suite for their comfort when spending time helping this family as well.

Madison's progress could be greatly helped with more home therapy, so we would particularly like to see a secure therapy room area near Madison's bedroom as well as a playroom area for the 3 boys to keep them safe while Gina works with Madison. A laundry room in this area would also be very helpful to the family as well.

Most important of all, a home with HEPA filtration systems and other handicap abilities would help Madison's constant struggle to fight upper respiratory infections and aid Gina in getting Madison around the house as well. Unfortunately, Gina has now been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and it will become more and more difficult for her to handle Madison without this type of assistance we feel.

Thank you everyone for your help signing this petition, and thank you Extreme Home Makeover for all the wonderful things you do. We pray the Randolph family can also receive this help as well. God bless you all.

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