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On behalf of every Westlife fan out there we really, really would love a 'Westlife Official Fan Club'' again, Westlife use to have a fan club but unfortunately it was closed down, but after loads of talks between loads of Westlife fans on the 'Official Westlife Message Board' we feel Westlife should have there fan club back up and running as there are loads of fans out there as you can tell from the amount of reply's in this petition that would really love to be a member of there fan club again.

Also when the fan club was closed, the 'Westlife Platinum Site' was built but that also got closed after a while and we feel as fans it would be nice to have an 'Official Fan Club' back again.

I think if the 'Westlife Official Fan Club' was to be reopened again it would be extremely popular, all we ask is for this matter to be discussed as it would mean alot to every Westlife fan out there.

AS Westlife Fans, we want an 'Official Fan Club' back again !!

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