Staff and Trustees of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

Prince Philip and GR Allan Elementary Schools are integral to their neighbourhoods. Both schools have long histories and unique programming.

Closing Prince Philip would do irreversible damage to both communities, resulting in ...

- increased traffic congestion and air pollution at GR Allan

- Ainslie Wood children not being able to walk to school

- construction that will destroy green space at GR Allan

... the staff at the Hamilton-Wentworth District Board of Education, who are proposing this closure, have simply ignored these costs they would impose on our children.

The Board staff claim they are motivated by the bottom line, but we have found serious errors in their past figures, and their current numbers are suspect.

The increasing costs of school busing were noted in the recent Drummond Report, yet the Board staff want to put more children on buses!

Our local schools are not broken, and if it ain't broke ...

WE the undersigned support our current schools in Westdale. Nothing is broken here, so nothing needs fixing.

WE are against the short-sighted closure of Prince Philip Elementary School. We believe that walkable schools make strong communities.

WE deplore the overcrowding, traffic congestion, air pollution, and loss of green space that will result at GR Allan if Prince Philip is closed.

WE are against the excessive (expensive, unhealthy) use of school busing that the proposed closure will cause.

WE implore the staff and trustees of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board to listen to voices from across West Hamilton (including our own Dalewood Accommodation Review Committee) who have explained the serious problems with the staff proposal, and the benefits of healthy local schools.

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