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The United States government requires an applicant for Welfare to disclose if they have a felony, misdemeanors are not even checked on. The only important basis for help is income and Social Security numbers for all family members. They don't require a drug test or background check.

The State of California has a bill pending #AB2389, Known as RJ's Law, to require random drug testing for these Welfare recipients. The bill basically states 'All Welfare recipients would be randomly tested for drugs. If they test positive, they'd be required a rehab program. If they refuse or don't comply fully the benefits would be revoked.'

This is an issue that cost the law-abiding tax payers millions each year. The cost not only in disbursement but in health care. Why not differ these funds for the good in actually helping people and not just in supporting the habits.

The requirement for employment in the government office is drug testing and background checks. Why not as a recipient of the government funds? It just makes sense! I hope this passes in California but we should demand this practice in all the States!

We, the undersigned, call on the United States to amend the disbursements of funds through our Welfare system to drug free and law-abiding individuals.

We ask drug testing be a mandatory practice for those seeking aide, with the offer of rehabilitation to continue aide. If refused or not fulfilling the obligation aide is revoked.

We ask misdemeanors to also be considered in the disbursement of government funds, as this directly affects our communities inhealth and safety.

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