For all who do not know, I am simply known as "The Female Pharaoh" on the fanfiction.net website. There is a persopn that uses the aliases Wel Zen and yugiexyamihawt111 on ff.net. This person's so-called "stories" are racist, homophobic, pedophilic, necrophilic, vile, violent, cruel and discriminating against females and single mothers.

He had the nerve to put my son and I in one of these depraved stories called "The never ending stories of YAOI". In this, he said that "I wanted my sons to have sex with each other while I videotaped it" as well as he wanted Yami to have sex with my son's corpse so he "wouldn't die a virgin". THAT IS PURE SICK AND DISGUSTING! He also bashed single mothers such as myself, gays, 9/11, and the BIBLE!

If you could read that depraved profile, you will see that he said he wanted Moses and Jesus together in a sexual sense.

As Yami-Echo will attest, this depraved creature will bash other authors/authoresses just for disgusting kicks! He glorified suicide, rape (I was a rape victim and I did NOT find this at all funny!), child molestation and the like! He even desecrated Yami-Echo's petition against him in the vilest of ways and that is unacceptable! I do believe that this vile vermin is not at all sane by any matter of means, If FFN do not put a stop to this, then they are saying, by silence and by inertia, that this transgression is acceptable...AND IT IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT!

We, the undersigned, call upon the administratiing authorities of FanFiction.Net to eradicate this diseased individual by removing ALL traces of these stories and profile from the FFN site.

We are offended to the point of no return! PLEASE, FOR DECENCY'S SAKE, GET THIS PERSON OFF FANFICTION.NET ASAP!

Thank you!

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