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The Weatherford Quartet the group included outstanding, legendary male voices—Glen Payne (who would later found the amazing Cathedral Quartet), Armond Morales (who would later be an original member of the groundbreaking and innovative group The Imperials) and Earl Weatherford baritone completing the harmonious blend, it was Lily Fern the groups alto-centre who gave them their unique and high-quality sound.
Pianist Henry Slaughter arranged all songs on the album, and was harmonically breaking new ground in the Gospel Quartet industry.

The proof of this was made known to theGospel music world when they recorded the RCA Victor album, In The Garden. It not only caught the attention of the fans and followers of Gospel music, but also the other Gospel quartet artists. There were many "oohs and ahs and wows” from their peers. The album was a tremendous success and established the group in the eyes of both the others gospel music artists and gospel music audiences across the United States and the world. It was one of Elvis Presley's favorite gospel-albums, and it was part of his personal record-collection.

The recording has become a standard for excellence and as a Gospel singing classic. It remains so today. It is within southern gospel circles the most sought after record.

Dear RCA Records,

We would like to see to the #1 most sought after 1959 gospel album; In The Garden by the Weatherford Qt on CD format.

We would each purchase a copy if you reissued it.

It always comes up in venues like; (Southern) Gospel Blogs boards, and communities as a reference point of being the one album that raised the bar of excellence!!! It's truly a landmark recording and is long overdue for CD format!!

Two noteworthy gospel icons Bill Gaither and Larry Gatlin think it's one of the best ever made in this industry!!! (they have gone on record saying this)

It is commonly accepted in the world of Gospel music to be one of the cornerstones on which the modern industry has been build.

As you can see the many agree this album should be on CD format!!

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