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The labour party lost the support of the broad left wing when, in the words of John McDonnell, " [New Labour] lost the moral basis of the Labour party as it was founded ... the creation of a fair and just and peaceful and equal society". During the Blair/Brown years, membership and activism fell, as natural allies of the party became disillusioned and disenfranchised.

Since that time there has been no mainstream voice arguing for working people or against the pernicious neoliberal consensus. The results of this failure were seen at the last election.

Now is the time for all those on the left to unite in order to combat the menace of the new right-wing coalition government. Left unchallenged, David Cameron’s government will lay waste to our public services as Thatcher’s did our manufacturing sector. Such sweeping cuts and marketisation will damage irreparably the health, education, well-being and social cohesion of the nation.

The only way to effect this challenge is to unite the voices of all left wing and progressive people behind a party that will truly represent their interests and those of the working people of Britain.

It is now time to reclaim the Labour Party as the voice of a varied, vibrant, optimistic left wing that can offer genuine alternatives – willing to change our nation, not simply manage it.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Labour Party to elect a candidate of the left and to put forward a genuinely progressive, left wing programme. We then commit to (re)join the Labour Party and to campaign as part of it to prevent this Tory government implementing their punitive cuts and to get them out of office while we still have public services to save.

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