Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee Chairman
United States of America

This petition was created to show the Republican National Committee that as a Registered Republican voter we will NOT support Donald Trump if he is chosen as the 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate.

Some main reasons to NOT support Donald Trump

1. Trump's financial behavior has not always been successful, and in fact he's been through bankruptcy and openly admits manipulating bankruptcy laws to enrich himself at the expense of society and other people, so that he protects himself from risk by getting governments and banks to shoulder more of the burden and let him off the hook more cheaply -- lack of adequate responsibility, coupled with repeated failures on a large scale, plus actual broad lack of experience on Wall Street and with stocks, adds up to undermine his reputation as bringing good financial experience and expertise to the presidency.

2. Trump has repeatedly made racial comments, including messages on Twitter asserting that black and Latino citizens are lazy and commit most violent crimes in major cities. Trump started his campaign, in his announcement speech, by saying Mexican immigrants are rapists, murderers, or other criminals. Trump has broadly described illegal immigrants as violent criminals and called for the ­immediate deportation of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

3. Trump has been repeatedly accused of being untrustworthy, by investors and buyers as well as others, and some of the accusations include allegations of fraud, lack of trust and corruption. Trump has even been sued over allegations he defrauded millions of dollars from students who attended moneymaking courses at his “Trump University” in New York and California. In some cases, students paid course fees of $34,995 and were “ensnared” by Trump to participate in a “fraudulent scheme nationwide to sell real estate seminars and mentorships”. The Better Business Bureau gave "Trump University" a grade of D-.

4. Trump's leadership in business has allowed him to push his demands through and he's not been surrounded with people who might disagree and even try to oppose him, so he doesn't have experience building a team designed for purposes other than promoting his own narrow agenda and providing information that might be in contrast to his own position and goals -- a president has to compromise, and cannot expect to just do whatever they want while threatening to fire anyone who displeases them.

5. Trump seems impulsive and more interested in self-promotion than necessarily accomplishing significant goals -- even his finances are geared heavily toward promoting his personal brand and making him more money in order to further self-promote, with much of his behavior in public seeming largely motivated by garnering attention.

I, the undersigned, attest I am a registered Republican voter and pledge to NOT support Donald Trump if he is the 2016 Republican Presidential Nominee.

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