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If you play Call of Duty Online, you probably play it regularly. Activision has plans to make us, the gamers, pay extra to play Call of Duty titles online because apparently the hours gamers spend on Call of Duty has lead to a decline in sales for new games.

So basically what Activision is trying to say is since Infinity Ward made an addicting game, we're not buying new games so we should pay an extra fee to play the games we love online. Makes sense, right? Didn't think so.

I believe after all of the patches released for all recent Call of Duty titles thanks to our support, the community is very important to their franchise. We have a very big voice if we are assembled. So let's get together, sign this petition, and let it be known that we will not stand for this!

This is the only way we will maintain our freedom to play Call of Duty online without paying extra fees. Sign today! Spread the word!

Thank you!

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