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You have to know by now, that The Woody Show is off the air. They were FIRED for playing a clip of a new Green Day song. They we're giving the listeners what they want and were promoting a band from the Bay Area.

Plain and simple, Live 105 doesn't care what the listeners want.

Past comments from live105 were:

With the "Co-Op," Live 105 management envisioned a morning show that stresses interaction with listeners. That, says Fife, is "in line with the foundation of our show. We set up every possible way for people to get involved in the show -- e-mails, instant messages, phone calls, going out and hanging out with listeners. One of the things that makes Howard great is that he's made people part of his club. People are invested in his show. Live 105 uses the term 'activist' for getting people involved, and that's what we want people to do."

We did feel part of the "club” and we want it back.

Please sign this petition, to get The Woody Show back on the air. It's up to us; the listeners to get them back. Think of how much The Wood Show did for each of us, entertaining us during our morning commute, and gave us something to laugh about, when we woke up. It's time to do something for them.

Let's show live105 what we actually want. Please sign to show your support.

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