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Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in patients with multiple sclerosis (CCSVI) is a condition that Dr. Zamboni discovered in Italy.

He found that the internal jugular veins in Multiple Sclerosis patients had stenosis or narrowing, which caused blood to back up into the brain, leaving excessive amounts of iron. Multiple Sclerosis has long been thought an autoimmune disease.

These findings could prove that CCSVI could be a trigger for the autoimmune system and not the cause.

Dr. Zamboni has found a way to treat the narrowing of the veins and has performed what he calls The Liberation Treatment. This procedure and his findings are getting little if any coverage here in the US.

His procedure has been performed in Italy, Poland and a few places in the US. The results have been promising and have had better results than any of the current drug therapies on the market. If you want this to be FAST TRACKED and more studies throught the United States

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This is a link to Dr. Zamboni's research paper.

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