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For 50 years the Superbowl has been played on Sunday night. For 50 years, all NFL fans have the displeasure of making the decision to drag into work on Monday, take the day off, call in sick or go to bed by half time.

While the NFL THINKS they make tons of money by keeping the game on Sunday night because of the 2 1/2 days of hype, what they may be missing is how many of us who have to WORK, would otherwise be engaged and participate in wild celebrations, support local businesses, spend more on memorabilia, throw parties and meanwhile give back a productive Monday morning to our employers, many of which are NFL sponsors and supporters.

Superbowl Saturday, sounds like a "win-win" for everyone. Traditions can change. Let's do this for the greater good.

We the undersigned beg the NFL to move the beloved Superbowl to Saturday Night.

Those of us who must go to work on Monday morning after Superbowl Sunday, not only suffer, but many of us throw in the towel and don't partake in the parties or watch the game and some even risk getting fired due to poor performance on the "Monday after".

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