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The original Japanese version of the series was released in its entirety on DVD in 2002. The boxset also contained one of two compilation movies created from Star Fleet, in English with Japanese subtitles.

In the UK, only three video tapes were ever released of Star Fleet. The first and rarest one contained episodes 4 and 5 of the series. The other two were compilation movies entitled “The Thalian Space Wars” and “Space Quest For F-01”.

The series has not been repeated on UK television since the late 1980s. In the US, 8 video tapes were released which also contained compilations of the series’ episodes, albeit in a less-drastically edited format.

As of 2006, there is no sign of the English-language version of the series being released to DVD. Enoki Films, the original rights holders to Star Fleet, no longer list the series on their website, making any possible DVD release even more unlikely at the present time.

It is possible to obtain VCD copies on Ebay. These are usually taken from the American Tapes and tend to be of poor quality.

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We, the undersigned, call on ENOKI FILMS USA, INC to make available for general
release in the UK on DVD the classic 1980s series X-Bomber (AKA Star Fleet in the

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