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Welcome, International Players of Ragnarok Online! The game has been online for almost ten years, yet, it still doesn't have a feature where the SP of party members is displayed.

I find that unacceptable, and I hope you do, too. Let's join our voices and demand for the inclusion of this important feature to our game!

Dear Developers at Gravity Co., Ltd.,

We, the international players of Ragnarok Online, reach out to you to address an issue that has been ignored: the absence of an SP bar that is visible to players within a party. As parties become increasingly important for accomplishing goals, the lack of such a feature is a hindrance.


First, the SP bar is as important to party dynamics as the HP bar. Characters who pull mobs for their party would be able to see at a glance whether support characters have enough SP. Characters whose job it is to assist in SP regeneration could do so without being asked.

Second, the two existing forms of communicating SP (the "SP low" emote and the chat window) are inadequate. During battles, it is easy for emotes to be overlooked. Messages about SP may be missed among other messages. While it's not uncommon for players to use Ventrilo or other VoIP programs, most casual parties do not utilize these programs.


The party window would include both the HP and SP information. If there is concern that the SP bar would clutter the party window, an option could be included to hide the information. In addition, SP bars would be displayed beneath avatars.

We ask that you add the SP bar as soon as possible! As Ragnarok approaches its tenth anniversary, we look forward to seeing its continuing improvement and development.


The International Players of Ragnarok Online

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