#Media Issues
VH1 Network Shows (Viacom)
United States of America

Pop-Up Video was an Vh1 production where they played music videos. During the videos pop up bubbles containing trivia about the band or the song appeared. This was a great way to listem to music while learning about your favorite artists.

Pop-Up Video was shown every night, but in 2002 Vh1 stopped this. Now, they show production asfter production of reality shows and music history shows.

We want Viacom to restore the the network and show Pop-Up Video.

We, the undersigned, want VH1 to show Pop-Up video everynight starting at 10p.m. Vh1 used to play music all the time and many people would go to bed watching Pop-Up Video.

Viacom needs to trump VH1 and make them play music (the reason VH1 was created) and stop showing reality tv.

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