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New kids on the Block (known as NKOTB) started in the late 80s and became a huge pop sensation, taking the world by storm. Who can't forget songs like "Please don't go girl","You got it(the right stuff)",Ï'll be loving you forever",""Step by Step".

In April 2008, after numerous speculations, Donnie confirms what all fans have been waiting... a reunion!
The new CD is called "The Block" with a grown up image and modern new flavor in their music it's driving the fans wild again. “Summertime”,”Single”,”Sexify my love”,”Full Service”,”Don’t cry” are part of this great CD.

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This Reunion has been a huge succes everywhere they go. Unfortunately they didn't performed back then in Puerto Rico. So it's time the fans get together and tell them we want them in PR!!!

I know there are fans here and fans that would travel to see them here...so let's get them! You will cherish this forever!!!

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